Sunday, May 28, 2006

3,4,5 / 5: The house hunting

First morning in UK was fantastic: warm, full spring season, flowers, plenty of green: a marvelous welcome!
But the house hunting started badly: every visit we booked last Friday (Monday was holiday) was for apartments that were already gone today.
So we spent the morning and afternoon seeking for new opportunities and visiting two flats that were not suitable for our needs.

The day after (4th) we visited 3 flats in the morning.
First one was fine, even thought small for our needs and furniture, and a bit far from my working place.
The second one was so & so... but we had ten minutes to see it, we exit and immediately another couple entered. I didn't feel to say yes in 10 minutes of time, because we were not so happy with the location.
3rd one was fantastic: big, completely renewed, cheaper than others and very close to my working place.
I went to the agency office and applied for it. There was another woman filling the same application. It was 16:00 and they submitted both of the papers to the landlord on the while I was begging to get a decision as soon as possible, explaining my situation.
After very long 45 minutes, the agent came with the decision. The land lord said: "that woman doesn't have any kids, you do... I will give the flat to her".
I still have 45 minutes before the other agency closes (about the 1st flat).
I cross the city by bike and I am there in time to apply for the flat.
I fill the application but... it is 17:30 and the land lord was not available.
We have to leave UK without knowing if we have a place where to stay.
We said before that in this case I would have stayed more time hunting, but now I decide to leave with the rest of the family since I need rest.
Anyway, beside the unlucky experience, we couldn't have done the half of these visit if it was not for the great help of our friends Giacomo & Barbara.
Thanks a lot guys!
A small note to emphasize the feeling of all of us.
We were approaching for last night at the bed & breakfast Ashtrees when Agnese asked: "Where are we going? don't we have an house?".

5/5. We are at the airport and we have done the check-in.
Before jumping in the air bus, I call the agency.
The landlord has agreed to give us the place.
We have a roof.

The picture shows a different approach to the same problem.

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