Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5-21/8: vacation in Italy

From the 5th to 21st of August we were all in Italy for vacation.
Few days in Cupramontana, at 500 m on the sea level, where the hot temperature was not so extreme; then the rest of the time on the sea side, at Marcelli di Numana (AN), where it was extreme.
I saw a thermometer once: it was 19:00, in Ancona: +31!
I don't want to know what was at noon.

Agnese lost her first tooth. In UK apparently there is the tooth fairy, while in Italy there is the tooth mouse (really?) and we were not prepared for this. So everyone asked: 'what did the mouse brought you?'.
I think she must be in love with cats by now...

Paolo seems to have learned to sleep properly during nights (I am not saying that aloud; technically I am just writing it!). He is even smiling on purpose now: very cute!
It doesn't seem possible that in few months he will be scratching my freshly painted walls!

Rachele (who is typically afraid of her own shadow) became suddenly fearless of the water, so we had to keep an eye on her.
She was swimming all the time in deep waters, careless, but obviously with the inflatable arm supports (whatever they are called).

We had a good time.
The 21st I came back in UK, while the rest of the family is still in Italy.
But they grant me they will come back too... (maybe!).

9/8: Paolo's Baptism

Paolo was Baptized the 9th of August, in Cupramontana (AN), St Leonardo Church (the same one where I had my baptism).

His baptism names are Emanuele (given by her good mother Rosa) and Matteo (by his good father Luca).

He was sleeping all the time, including when he had water on his head.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

1/8: Paolo's first month

1st of August: Paolo turns to one month.

His weight is 4,8 Kg (!) and the comment of the midwife was - referring to the mother: "that's why you are very tired!".
At the same age Agnese was decent/good enough with her sleeping.
Rachele was fantastic.
Paolo cries so much that even on average we are no longer lucky! :-(
The problem seems to be that he has frequent tummy each (no wonder, since he eats so much!).

He is definitely an High Consumption boy!

Agnese and Rachele are still enthusiast about him and they tend to look after him quite a lot.
We are looking forward to the first _on purpose_ smile!