Sunday, May 28, 2006

1/5: Time to panic!

Now it was time to panic.
We were very late with everything.
It is amazing to realize that box after box, shelves becomes so slowly empty...
or worst... almost empty.
How many things could we gather in five years? and still I think we don't have much!
Funny to think about the value of these items: every single piece seems doesn't deserve a euro cent (or a penny) but if you have to go buying all of them (without considering the time needed) then is a huge amount of money.
Anyway, we couldn't have managed if:
1) Massimo wouldn't have come in the morning and cared about Agnese
2) Juha wouldn't have come in the afternoon to help dissembling the furniture.
Still.... at midnight we decided to go to bed, even if it was not yet over.
We didn't have any longer any bed assembled and we slept in the floor with
mattresses. After five, I've stopped counting the number of times Rachele felt down (and cried).
As revenge (?) Rachele was sick with strong cuff: we could sleep about at 1:30.

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