Wednesday, October 14, 2009

4/10: grapes harvest

The 4th of October, in the very same day where in the village from where I come from -Cupramontana - they celebrated the 72 Sagra dell'Uva (grapes feast), we did our first grapes harvest in Histon!

The enthusiasm for this has to be searched in my roots: Cupramontana is the leader (of one of the leaders depending to whom you ask) of Castelli di Jesi, which are the hills around Jesi, famous for the production of the wine Verdicchio.

Grapes and vineyards are part of my culture: since you are a child you look at the tractors bringing grapes to big wine cellars; you go to help friends to harvest the grapes; you study the making wine process at school since very early stage (because anyway it is around you); you take actively part in the Sagra dell'Uva doing different things and so on.

All of this to justify the fact that two years ago I planted in my garden in Histon a little grape plant (I guess it was about 30 cm tall), obviously after looking for the most sunny and protected spot in the garden.

And this year (the second for this plant), we had the grapes harvest: 18 little grapes, the longest of about 6 cm, with little tiny berry grapes.
But very very sweet.
I'm very proud of this!
It is like exporting my culture! ;-)

End of September: the Patio project

Dust for dust... why not rebuild even the garden patio?
That was actually thanks to our friend Brian: he offered to do it and he has done it, in a wonderful, professional and artistic way!

This experience led me to use for the first time in my life a pneumatic drill, and it is a great fun!
(Obviously Brian had shown me how to do it).

But regarding fun, Paolo had the most of it: we did realize already how attracted he is by working tools, but having a lot of them around, was just a fun fair for him!
Not only that: he also had a lot of fun on delaying Brian's job, and getting the most from his teaching... I had like the feeling that Paolo learned more than me from this project!

End of September: the extension is done!

Finally the house extension project is over!

Well, technically, not really... we left all the decorations for ourselves.
(And working there only on Saturdays and not full days, we are aiming to finish everything before the London Olympics).

But it is done, and we are very happy about it!