Thursday, May 27, 2010

22/5: Inter wins the Champions League!

I still can't believe it: after 45 years Inter FC has won the Champions League: it is now the best team of Europe.
It comes in the same year when they won also Scudetto (league) and Coppa Italia (Italian cup).
I am totally satisfied about football... actually now it would make sense to stop following it.

On the while... let's celebrate!

18/5: Rachele is 5!

Happy birthday Rachele: she is 5 years old!

3/5: Impington Fun Run

As last year, we partecipated to Impington fun run.
Children run 1 Km, including Agnese, Rachele and their friends Sandra and Nicole.

25/4: Histon old vehicle parade

Every year there is a parade in Histon about old vehicle: not only amazing cars but even motorbikes, military vehicles and tractors.
Really interesting.

9/4: Visiting the Botanic Garden

A visit to the Botanic garden is a must, probably better one for every season.

In the picture, the warning to Rachele (*) came too late....

(*) the warning was: "Be careful not to get yourself wet!"

27/3: new gardening season

A new gardening season has started...
while we got rid of some conifers, something else appeared in the middle of the garden...