Sunday, May 28, 2006

29, 30 /4: Packing

These days the packing is a full time activity.
Luckily we still found some time to enjoy the spring:
a pic-nic beside a lake in Espoo.

Then packing again...
The 30th we had another pic-nic with our neighbors.
Many of them were there and they were greeting us with presents!
That surprise was really touching and we were really impressed and moved.
We always liked very much all our neighbors: they were gentle, nice and
very kind to us all the time.
When agents came to evaluate our flat, I told to all of them: "please
write in the add that here is the best neighborhood of all Espoo".
I really think so. And sincerely, because of them leaving Tyrskykuja
was even more difficult.
Many thanks to all of them, for every thing they did for us during our
staying there.

We had a last walk in Kivenlahti Bay at sun set: such a wonderful place!
How many evenings we spent there since we moved to Finland....
how many thoughts, projects, reading and prayers there!
We always look at it as our little paradise behind home.

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