Tuesday, October 21, 2008

21/10: Wedding Anniversary

21st of October: today we celebrated the 7th Wedding Anniversary.

To the girl's question about 'what does anniversary mean?', we answer: 'it is the birthday of our family'.

Since we have been silent for a long while, we give a quick update:
Agnese is at year one of school (they start at year zero, which is reception). After 3 weeks the new teacher asked to Anna Maria if it is true that Agnese speaks also Italian... and she was surprised to hear that English is not her first language, since 'she is so fluent' - she said.
Rachele started the daily kinder garden: 3 times a week she stays there for 5 hours, two days a week for 2h and half. She's starting to speak English and she is quite happy there. Her personality is becoming more and more evident... as it is clear that she is always with her head in the clouds.
Paolo (now 3 months and half) is growing really well and quick (7.5 kg!). He is a good boy and complains only about stomach each (no wonder, he eats so much!). He doesn't like to be apart and enjoys to watch the sisters playing. He starts to play with sounding toys as well.
He smiles a lot, especially to the sisters who love him.