Friday, February 23, 2007

18/02: Carnival party

Following the success of last year experience, when she organized a "Festa di Carnevale" for kids in Kivenlahti - Espoo, Anna Maria and her friend Katia proposed a Carnival party for children.
This year the party happened in Cherry Hinton, Cambridge, about 2000 km away than last time (this clearly makes Anna Maria a Party Manager with international experience).

There were 10 families and 19 kids, which is not bad at all considering that the first invitation was sent just 4 days before!
There was good food brought by everyone, the kids had fun and I guess the parents had more free time in the very same evening, since I expect that like our daughters did, every child was in bed earlier....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

4 / 02: the winter garden

In a sunny Sunday afternoon of February we were randomly driving to get Agnese and Rachele fall asleep.
Usually we have cheaper ways to achieve the same goal, the car is just for desperate situations. It was one of these... As always it worked in a time range between two and five minutes.... for both of them.

We ended up again in the Anglesey Abbey. It was the third time, but the first one during winter.
We had no expectations, since in winter you don't usually fancy anything about a garden....

We were really surprised!
Beside the fact there there were quite several kind of winter flowers, the composition they arranged with the naked trees and other kind of plants were really enjoyable.

No need of waiting for the spring to admire the nature!