Sunday, May 28, 2006

15/5: Starting at Nemerix

First day and week of work at Nemerix were really positive.
I like very much the atmosphere: everyone seems to be so excited about what we are doing and it looks there is really a strong common goal. It should be natural, but for some reason it impressed me.
I like very much also my colleagues: everyone looks to be so kind and prone to help.
About the task I am demanded to do: I am going to be the only one working with a particular platform (which it is what I was exactly hired for). Honestly I am a bit afraid: the amount of work seems to be huge and... to whom I could ask questions about it if none knows that platform?
Still I have the feeling I am not going to be alone. I am sure that my colleagues will help me in some way.
And now comes into my mind a concept that I read time ago (probably in "Code Complete" or in "The Pragmatic Programmer", or both): when you have a software problem, sometime you go to one of your colleagues, you explain the problem and on the while you talk you even tell a possible solution, and then you give thanks to your colleague who didn't say a word!
It happened to me in the past: some time it is enough that people are willing to listen.
So I am very excited and committed to the goal.
I am afraid as well... but I believe it is normal.

A negative thing.... latest days at Nokia me and my colleagues were making fun about the issue: "are you going to miss Sodexho?" (i.e. the canteen).
Obviously it was a joke, since it was usually bad food for some one grown up in Italy. Again England doesn't have a great food reputation neither...
But what happened this week was that every day (except than Monday when we had a welcome and Friday that is a tradition) every one goes out, buy a sandwich, comes back and eat it in front of the screen of the pc!
This was sad for me and I guess I cannot adapt myself to that custom.

In the picture: a different concept of "work"

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