Sunday, May 28, 2006

11,12 /5: Back again. Goal: to settle.

One week in Italy was enough to rest, even though it wasn't really a rest, meaning that I had to care still about several things (regarding the shipping of the container, money transfer, house agency bureaucracies and so on).
The 11th I take the plane with Davide.
We should be lading at 14:50, then we are supposed to run, if there is not time Davide takes care of the luggage and I run to the train of 15:25 in order to be in Cambridge at 16:00.
This because I have to be at the house agency before closing to sign documents, pay and get the key.
But the aircraft is on time and we do it without any trouble.
I get the key and we spend the afternoon for a sight see of Cambridge, which looks really lovely.

12/5 The container comes in time. But it is locked and we need iron big scissors to open it. Just as a note, when the container left my place in Finland it was not sealed and my understanding was that they would have put a lock which wouldn't have required any tool to open it (just a plastic lock that can be broken by hands as I've seen previously, since the point is not to secure it, but just to show that was not opened during transport. Anyway in my case it was totally pointless because they secured it at the harbor and not at my place, so potentially they had plenty of time for steal things or load drugs and so on).
Davide finds in a shop a bend iron that we call "piede di porco" (pig foot). And he manages to break it on the while I was astonished: I could not believe it was possible!
So after 40 minutes we start the unloading. We have 2 hours.
But with a great, amazing work we are in time.
The house now is plenty of boxes and furniture.... we did it.
We spend the rest of the evening and the next day on assembling furniture and putting things in place.
Then we take a break and we go around in Cambridge we the bikes that were in the container. It looks really to be a nice city.
The morning after Davide leaves: he was of a great help! Thanks a lot!

Not being able to open a lock, I will not have success as a thief. As these in the picture.

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