Saturday, February 28, 2009

28/2: making italian sausages

The Romans brought into Great Britain a lot of things that at that time were considered to be... 'signs of civilization'.
Unfortunately they failed to impose to britons a good recipe for making sausages.

So this time I took advantage of my father visit and we made them!
My father was happy to give me a training... indeed for him he was a kind of 'revenge', since when I was a child I could not care less about his job and learning his skills (he was a butcher). 
Now I was begging for information.... time changes! ;-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

21/2: Carnevale

In Italy - more or less at this time of the year, just before lent - we celebrate Carnevale.
It is a kind of "happier" version of Halloween, where traditionally there are less monster 
masks and more traditional ones (Arlecchino, Pulcinella, etc).
An italian group of people organized a party in Cambridge, and that was the first Carnevale for Paolo.
Also Agnese and Rachele were there, obviously as princesses (would you have guessed?).

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Monday, February 02, 2009

2/2: "heavy" snow!!!!

Today we awoke with snow around and snow allerts in the radio.
The event was advertised in the news as the heaviest snow fall since 18 years!
Most of the schools were closed and people were advised not to travel unless really necessary. In some areas they even stopped rubbish collection.

To be honest, with the same ammount of snow in Finland, I don't think I would have weared high shoes, but one must think that snow in UK is very unusual and cars do not have winter tyres at all.

So when I came back from work (a bit earlier than usual) we made a snow man in the garden and we went with the sledge: being the area totally flat we played the sladge with dogs, with me being the dogs pulling two passengers (original game was Santa's sledge, but I didn't like the idea of being a reindeer, bearing horns...).

Weather forecasts say it should snow all week... but I don't recall a time were the weather forecast was correct for a whole week!