Saturday, March 24, 2007

27/3: We are purchasing an house

After a relatively long search (we have been visiting 17 houses), we have found the one we liked and the one we think is the best compromise for our needs and taste, location, price, etc.
Visiting that house we thought immediately that that was the one to be bought.
The seller told us that there were already two couples offering the asking price. We offer the same, but we were in a better position since we are cash buyers, while the others should sell first.
By the same evening another couple (according to the agency) saw the house, said that they were as well cash buyer and were ready to pay the asking price.
The seller was very nice with us and was happy that another family with kids was going to live there: so they said that they were happy to give their house to us.
But then the agency had to figure out if we were capable of paying the asking price and there I was in a very bad position, since in UK we have no credit history... It may be an impression but I had the feeling the agency was a kind of reluctant towards us: I understand this, since we are foreigners, they know nothing about us and they could loose other potential customers.
Therefore I went to the bank asking them to sign a commitment letter for a mortgage and I fax that together with the act of sale about our previous flat in Finland to the agency (in Finnish!)... and suddenly everything changed!
The agency called me saying: "Hello Mr Marchetti, actually... should I call you Doctor?".
I laughed - could not resist - thinking how easily someone could change opinion!
That was the end of January and it was just beginning. Yep, the beginning since the way that the system works here in UK is so crazy that everyone could loose money on the attempt of purchasing an house: we paid (partially) the solicitor, the technical survey to be done for the bank and the more technical one we wanted to have for our peace of mind and yet the seller could tell us: "sorry we changed our mind, we don't sell it any longer".
That happened to several people I know and happened once to us, but at that time we didn't pay yet for anything.

But today we had the exchange of contract, which involves a deposit from both of the sides, and makes the thing more serious: now there is something written.
We expect to complete the transaction and get the keys very soon...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

20/3: Arrivederci nonna Annetta!

Today, the 20th of March 2007, my grand mother Anna passed away after a long and painful agony.
She would have been 98 next summer and she was still self sufficient.
She was the root of five living generations, 2 sons, 2 daughters and 28(!) between grandsons, grand daughters and great-grandsons.
We are quite happy that we manage to talk to her when she was spending her last days at the hospital: it was absolutely exceptional that all of us could talk with her by phone, since she was almost hear impaired and since long time ago we gave up about trying to talk with her if not in person.
Everyone of us (meaning the extended big family) was loving nonna, each one in his/her way. I was very tied to her, since she was living with us and I spent my life with her since day one.

Of course now we are all sad, but we are conscious that we will meet again.
As St Paul wrote (1 Corinthias 15,13.14): "If there is not resurrection of the dead, then neither has Christ been raised. And if Christ has not been raised, then empty too is our preaching; empty too your faith".

See you again nonna!

Oggi, 20 Marzo 2007, mia nonna Anna e' deceduta dopo una lunga e dolorosa agonia.
Avrebbe compiuto 98 anni la prossima estate ed era ancora autosufficiente.
Era la radice di cinque generazioni, due figli, due figlie e 28(!) tra nipoti e pronipoti.
Siamo contenti di essere riusciti a parlarle durante i suoi ultimi giorni di ospedale: e' stato veramente insolito, perche' era quasi sorda e da molto tempo avevamo smesso di provare a comunicare con lei se non di persona.
Ognuno di noi voleva bene a nonna, ognuno nel suo modo. Io le sono molto legato, poiche' lei viveva con noi e ho trascorso la mia vita con lei sin dal primo giorno.

Ovviamente ora siamo tutti tristi, ma consapevolu che la incontreremo di nuovo.
Come San Paolo ha scritto (1 Corinzi, 15,13.14): "Se non esiste risurrezione dai morti, neanche Cristo è risuscitato! Ma se Cristo non è risuscitato, allora è vana la nostra predicazione ed è vana anche la vostra fede."

Arrivederci nonna!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

4/3: Science Museum, London

We spent a very nice day in London, Science Museum.
For Anna Maria and me it was the second time we were there, and having or not the kids behind (or better ahead) makes a huge difference!

However, it was enjoyable and interesting for them too: we were together another family of friends and all the kids were enjoying most of the attractions.

In the picture Agnese is attempting of making the biggest bubble ever...