Monday, May 02, 2011

2/5: Histon/Impington fun run

Today we ended this long break taking part at Histon/Impington fun run event.
Agnese and Rachele run a 1 Km race, while I did a 5 Km one.

This is the 3rd year in a raw we do it.
Girls have changed a bit :-)

Same event in
and in

The only thing I didn't find so amusing was that when I subscribed, I asked the men registering my name if he needed my date of birth.
He said:
"No, don't worry: after 40 everyone goes in the same category!".


1/5: Southwold

We went visiting friends in Southwold, in a lovely cottage were they had a fantastic time in a covered swimming pool.
Then we moved to the sea side where the wind was blowing quite strongly making the water not exactly blue... (rather brownish really).

Another great day!

30/4: Audley End

We spent most of the day at Audley End house and gardens.
The weather was gorgeous again and we had a pic-nic in the gardens, then went to visit the house with a great interest and wonder from Agnese and Rachele.

Then there were several events like a falconry show (in the picture), some story tellers theatres were the kids had a part, music, horses, various games etc.

A really lovely day.

PS: I wanted to publish a picture of a Peregrine Falcon, but it was to fast to be caught on camera! (it's not a joke!)

29/4: Fen Drayton lakes

Taking advantage of the Royal Wedding holiday, we spent a nice afternoon at Fen Drayton Lakes and bird reserve.

I found this place because of a 10 Km race that is going to happen there... and it is quite a nice walk between several lakes and lot of birds to be observed (if you don't have noisy children).

24/4: Easter

We spent Easter at home with few friends, 8 adults and 8 children.
The weather was fantastic, and we have been al the time in the garden.
It was around 26-27 degrees.

Just for comparison, this post was written for Easter 2008: