Sunday, June 25, 2006

25/6: Punting

Punting is quite popular in Cambridge.
We have been renting a "river-boat", named "punt", with some of my working colleagues and their families.
It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience: the stream goes in a such peacefully area, surrounded by several kinds of trees, ducks and swams.
We stopped for a relaxing pic-nic and later we went on the punt again, back to the beginning.
The leading of the punt is funny, but quite more challenging comparing to what it looks like.
After pushing your punt you have to correct the direction and I think that I've covered almost the double of the distance of my colleagues, since I was not able to go straight. However I didn't loose my pole and I didn't have to swim looking for it, as did one guy we met on the way.

Thanks to my colleagues to have organized this great excursion.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

17/6: we have a car!

We finally got a car.

According to our style we bought a second-hand one, with high mileage.
Now things are much easier, mainly because of the kids. Even in Finland the life appeared suddenly to change when we bought one.

First experience on driving in the left side of the road was not so traumatic.
It is fairly easy except that the gear.
First gear was ok..., second one ok.... third one: I opened the window!
Anyway I am much more prone to learn to drive on the wrong side, sorry I mean on the left side, since I was told that during roman empire people used to go on the left side and he was Napoleon who change it to the right.

First picture: even this one would help.

Second picture: when going by feet is clearly different.

15/6: One month at NemeriX

15/5: one month in NemeriX

Today is one month that I joined NemeriX.
It is probably a too short time for a balance, but I can say already that the work I am doing is really interesting.
Sometime it is a bit frustrating the fact that there is not anyone else knowing Symbian and therefore I feel "a bit alone" in my task.
But the other side of the medal is that I feel more satisfied for every single achievement. And I am learning a lot.
So I am overall very happy and satisfied.
The only negative side is that working time is really long. I am not complaining about the work itself, because time in the office just passes away.
But I am missing a lot of time that I am supposed to spend with my family... and this is hard.
Hopefully it will change in future.

Today is even a remarkable day for another reason: Anna Maria went out for the first time with a friend she got to know here in Cambridge (in a mother and toddlers club).
She says that every time she goes out in the park she knows some knew friend and this is a big change already.

In the picture, how I feel - sometime - at work.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

30/5: Agnese is 3

30/5. Third birthday of Agnese.

She got a bike as present and she ride very fast!
Before I used to run behind her, now I run behind her with the bike... I have to be quicker than before.
Rachele started to walk.
The weather started to be wonderful: it's summer.
And I started to find my clothes when I search for them... finally!

The picture has been taken in Italy, when Agnese had her pre-birthday party.
The same day by phone, she promised to spare a piece of cake for me.
She didn't...

26/5: The whole family is in Cambridge!

26/5: The whole came in Cambridge!

After first things are fixed, the whole family is here in Cambridge!
I was already miss them a lot... it is weird don't have to wake up in the middle of the night because someone is crying...
Now all of them are here, including Rosa, Anna Maria's sister, who came to help us.
Their first feeling was very positive, except than the weather: it has been raining quite most of the time.
The amount of job Anna Maria faced was big enough: she had to open and order all the boxes and things that were left there... and re-order all things that I thought I put already in place...
but apparently the concept of "order" is a personal feeling.
Anyway since the house is small, it is a challenging experience: we have to fill every little space with our things.

In the picture, when some different experience turns to be useful.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

18/5: Rachele 1st birthday

18/5: Rachele is one year!

Happy birthday from the whole family!

For the second child in a raw I've managed to miss the first birthday party because of working reason. The family is in Italy but Agnese promised to spare a piece of cake for me.