Thursday, September 29, 2011

22/8: Novalia, a new working adventure begins!

Today I start my 4th job in 5 years of living in Cambridge.

Although it is not totally abnormal in here, it is a kind of extreme, or at least too much.
But it was a step to be done at this time and a challenge to be faced.

I join with enthusiasm and motivation to Novalia, leaving Telecommunications after 10 years and half.

"Hope it lasts!", commented Anna Maria... sharing a quite sensible thought!

In the picture... I enter into new world experience!

20/8: Wrest Park

We had a one day trip to Wrest Park, in Bedfordshire.
The weather wasn't really supportive as one would expect in a summer day, but between one shower and another one we managed to have a walk in the beautiful park and forest of the property.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

17/8: Audley End

We have spent a day at Audley End.
English Heritage was running children & family activities during this week, with the theme: "Time travelers, World War II".

There were several stall where to learn about something specific about the World War II and also activities and games for the children.

Here Agnese is learning how to milk a cow (no, milk doesn't come straightly from supermarket).

Then it was time to run through a military training path... (oh don't forget to call him 'Sergent Major', or he would be disappointed).

In case you wonder, Agnese is the squashed blue thing inside the net.

Then was Rachele's turn. She was really worried:
"What should I call him?".
Sergent Major...

And finally into the chicken wire... but now the difficult bit was done: she managed to remember to call him Sergent Major!