Monday, May 19, 2008

18/5: Rachele is 3!

18/5: Rachele's birthday

Another year has elapsed for Rachele, who is three now!

She is completely another girl comparing to the one very calm and quite we knew as far as she was... two.

For her birthday she was proud of getting rid of diaper during night... just few weeks after the dummy went to the dummy-fairy. 
So now she has reasons to claim that she is really a grown up.

In the afternoon we had a double party: we celebrated Inter 16th scudetto.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

5/5: Melford Hall

In UK they don't have a bank holiday on the 1st of May, as in other countries, but the first Monday of May (which is cool, because there is no chance that a bank holiday is going to happen on Sunday).
The 5th was a real summer day! 

We went for a day trip to Melford Hall. We spent most of the day in the property's garden, but we also visited the house.
And there I found a nice surprise: the land lord use to be admiral Hyde Parker, about whom I have read in O'Brian novels series! He was one of the characters that just appeared in one or maybe two stories, but still it was a kind of... 'being in real touch' with the novel. (It is the series that inspired the film Master & commander).
Obviously I had some questions about the admiral and I tried with one of the guides of the house... who also happened to be a fan of O'Brian and had read all of 20 books!
And he knew quite a lot, like: 'did you see these vases on the stairs? these were taken by the admiral when he captured a Spanish vessel in year...'.
Quite entertaining really!

The rest of the day was just as good the first summer day can be.

Two years were elapsed since we first landed in UK (2nd of May 2006).
Many things have changed since then... and more news are coming. Stay tuned!