Tuesday, June 05, 2007

30/5: Agnese is four!

Agnese is four!

She speaks a "brilliant" English, according with her kinder garden teacher.
She is very interested to the "proposed activities" and "very obedient", again, according with the teacher.
(Especially about last point, we may have something different to tell...).

She has been growing up a lot, and she shows interest for many different things, but it is difficult to say if there is something where she is really committed to.
Between the funny things she likes, there is the Opera (which I am very happy about :-).

She spent her birthday travelling back from Italy (we were there a week for a wedding and the whole holiday was shifted of one day, with many thanks to Alitalia always-striking personnel).

We had a party for both of the girls on Sunday the 3rd.