Sunday, May 28, 2006

2/5 Unbelievable: the value of time!

6.45 Wake up. I run to K-Rauta to buy extra plastic for mattresses
Container is waited for 8:30-9:00 o'clock.
9:00 I call: "it should be coming"
"Should"... does should mean that the driver has some recovery problem after Vappu? (this is my neighbor theory).
The short of the story is that because of some organization problem during planning, Finnlines company realized a bit too late that they were missing one truck! They kept on telling me: "it is coming".
11:40 The container arrives. The driver doesn't neither say "sorry" (but he probably was just a taxi driver for the container). Anyway he was the only physical person of Finnlines I could see and many thoughts came into my mind. But I decided to save my energies for loading rather than for kicking his ass.
My neighbor was more angry than me... (or let's say that I could hide it better). So she went to have a talk to him asking for apologies (he didn't).
Furniture was already on the ground, thanks to brave guys: Cyril, Andrea, Visa and Christopher.
We loaded the container in one hour.
Agnese helped with her little chairs and other small things. Then she wondered:
"Where should we sit?". Understanding that we wouldn't have traveled inside a container she started to cry because of loosing her kitchen toy that "she liked so much".
If sometimes it is difficult to explain things to a woman try to guess how it is to explain to a little girl!
Lunch on the floor: a dream for Rachele who could reach everyone else dish!
Then we prepared bags for the trip to UK: basically everything it was left behind on purpose... but it was too much! it doesn't fit: the throw away plan starts.
Cleaning, deep cleaning of the house because of the coming exhibitions (thanks to Ritva for baby care service and for supplying cleaning material).
16:00. Time to leave. Anna Maria claims that is not yet really ready: I have to tie her in the car. Rush our.
17:00 We are at the airport. Our friend should be there to pick up the car as agreed. He is not, he's coming (did I heard that before today?).
Few minutes later we give the car to them and we enter at the airport.
There is a too long queue: we are going to miss the flight. Self service check-in never works when it needs to (this is my experience at least) and the error given at this time was: "it is not possible to use this service with this kind of ticket". I don't want to know more: we skip brutally the queue. Even the one at security check, but this time politely.
We have to run. We run: Agnese falls, but she is brave and she stands up and she keep on running while crying.
We achieve the terminal: the farest in Vantaa airport, probably not even Vantaa any longer.
Obviously we are the last: but we are on board.
Now everyone is sleeping and I am terrible tired too, but I cannot sleep.
I don't know how we could make it, meaning the whole thing.
We wouldn't if everyone who gave help to us wouldn't have done it.
Each help, even 5 minutes, was so precious. Thanks a lot my friends!
I was dreaming about this moment few days ago....

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