Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2-3/9: a real vacation

We have been in Italy for a short while. Anna Maria and kids staid longer and had the chance of enjoying quite a lot the sea side. The weather was great when I went there as well and swimming in the sea during September was still very comfortable. Though once in the water I've notice there were just Germans...

During this time Anna Maria and me went away for a bit more than 24 hours: the first time since Agnese was born!
We went in a a B&B at Sant'Ippolito (PU): Le fontanelle, which is a very relaxing place that I recommend.
First afternoon we were there swimming and reading books. It was so weird not having kids around breaking up the peace every 5 minutes! (OK let's be realistic: every two minutes).
I felt old having such a kind of "wanted" total relax vacation.

The day after we have been to la Gola del Furlo: a really astonishing canyon.

To end the day we went to Urbino, a renaissance university city, very interesting from the architectural point of view and now included in UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

PS: all pictures are from the web. Because of the hand luggage restriction, we didn't bring our camera along.

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