Sunday, October 22, 2006

21/10: Silk Wedding / "Nozze di Seta"

The 21st of October we celebrated 5 years wedding anniversary.
We just got to know that it is called "nozze di seta", "silk wedding".

This time just flown!

We have been living in two different countries, three flats (hopefully we will move soon to the forth one),
visited many places, met a lot of people, got a great number of fantastic friends.
But most of all, we have been gifted by Agnese and Rachele!

So, we have many reasons to celebrate: thanks to all of these, somehow, have been part of our life!

Michele & Anna Maria

PS: I had a personal great achievement. Gaining in Finland, lost 5 during the international moving, today my weight is the same that when I married Anna Maria! The saying that a man earns 1 kg per year after wedding failed in my case :-)


Andrea said...

Dopo 5 anni in nokia si vince una settimana di vacanza. Vale pure per il matrimonio? Tanti auguri.

Taneli said...

Nonono, you gain a few kg per child (because of the hormones and whatnot, it's just urban legend that that would happen to the mothers). Only when the kids start to gain weight you will lose yours (because of tougher exercise).

Congratulations on your anniversary!

Anonymous said...


Un abbraccio alle due bimbe...mi mancano tanto.. :'(


Franca said...

Tantissimi Auguri..anche se in ritardo di quasi due mesi :(
Vabbè ragazzi, anche i miei tempi sono un pò sfasati, ok non ci sono i bimbi ancora però...diciamo che sto facendo pratica con il marito!
Un abbraccio!

Meriturva said...

attendo i 7 anni per farmi avanti con Anna!