Thursday, August 24, 2006

22/8: potential terrorism

Look at the picture: what is that?

It is not what it looks like....
It is definitely not BABY FOOD !

At least according to Stansted airport personnel.
It may be a dangerous item, or some component that could potentially be used to make a bomb...
who knows...
but it is not baby food.
So they thought at the airport, and I tried to reply to the nasty woman at the inspection: "if it is food for adults, why don't you eat it?".
She then specified: "it is not CLASSIFIED as baby food".
Poor Rachele! she had to fly without food...

There I laughed, but what made me pissed of was a bit of envy: that woman has a quite crap job, still she was so passionate!
So energetic!
There must be some satisfaction related to the possibility of exercising power, no matter how logic or intelligent the decision is.
But really, looking at her, it was like seeing that she was so proud of having avoided a possible terrible accident, because she was so careful to avoid that that food entered to the airport!
A lot of people I know, and some time even myself, should have one out of ten of her motivation factor at work: results would be much better!

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Rossella said...

Vi leggo sempre con attenzione e da un pò mi avete lasciato senza news. Come va? A me tutto abbastanza bene. Un bacione alle piccole