Thursday, August 24, 2006

20/8: Wimpole Hall

We have been visiting Wimpole Hall, a very nice park with a Farm and a beautiful noble house of XVII century.
It is interesting to see a snapshot of the life stile of these people at that time, by looking at the furniture and the arrangement of the house itself. And it is funny to notice that now a days one room out of two or so, of that house would be useless.
There are many rooms for specific use cases: one for reading, another one for playing piano, a dinning room for breakfast, another one much wider for lunch, and a room for dressing up, beside the bed room.
I wonder who was the first reach man who discovered that it is actually convenient to change clothes in the bed room!
Or that to have to walk a lot to reach the reading room maybe not so practical....
However: when we went downstairs, visiting the servants room, I thought: "as overall arrangement, this should be much more close to what we are using nowadays". Indeed it was... except that the living room was at list the double of the size of the one where I live now!

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