Sunday, August 13, 2006

13/8: Ely's Cathedral

This morning was heavily raining so we went with friends in an amusement center for kids, in Ely.
Then, as soon as the sunshine appeared, we decide to have a walk around and we went to visit Ely's Cathedral, which I was scheduling since a quite long time.

It is a worship site since VII century, but the older visible part of the Cathedral is standing since 1091.
Amazing! really impressive!
No much to say really, just astonishment.
This is not the best Cathedral I ever seen, not at all.

But still is impressive. And my mind could not avoid to go back to a novel I've been reading and enjoying a lot last summer: "The Pillars of the earth", of Ken Follet. I had a look at the inner part of the site by remembering one of the novel's character words, and I really had the impression that the columns were just the "binding" from the earth to something "else". Funny to think in this way, but I understand the purpose of such a wonderful construction and the feelings of middle-age people.
It's really a place worth seeing.

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Fam Deponti said...

Che bella casa ragazzi! e tutto quel legno ? per il camino ? buu comunque bella jaja :)squerzo