Thursday, July 27, 2006

23/7: Mountfitchet Castle

We spent a very nice afternoon at Stansted Mountfitched castle, an historical site where Saxons, maybe vikings and at last Normans built a village.
It is an interesting open air museum rebuilt as it was around XI century, under Normans. I would say it meets the intent of showing many particular aspects of life at that time. Except perhaps for one thing: they want to highlight the fact that Normans were quite cruel people and in every corner there is not only an instrument of torture, but quite several puppets hanging here and there...

Of course it was a fact at that time, but that was a village with 11 families of about 20 people per family and to me it looks just a bit too many criminals at the same time in a single place.
Agnese asked: "what is that man doing? why hanging from a tree?". I explained that that was the old way of swinging.
Beside, she and her sister had a lot of fun because the place is plenty of animals left free and she enjoyed running behind sheep and red deers.

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