Sunday, July 02, 2006

1/7: we go to the beach

It is really hot (30 degrees for me are quite heavy to bear) and we decided to go to the seaside.
The first difference I've noticed comparing to Finland, it is that from our place in Espoo I needed 3 to 4 minutes by walk to go to the beach, since it was very close.
From our place in Cambridge to the sea distance is 101 Km!

We arrive there and the beach is huge...
I am still considering if going for swimming when I notice that people have to walk in the water for quite a long while and still their shoulders are not covered. So probably before I can start swimming I'll be already tired!

The courious thing is that low/high tide phenomena is very visible. In three ours we were there the beach became about three times longer (and was already quite big).

It was a very nice day, but we could not avoid to remember how wonderful place was Kivenlahti during summer. We used to go every day to the beach and we miss it!

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