Friday, July 21, 2006

16/7: villages tour

Last weekend we started to have a look around at the villages that surround Cambridge.
We are indeed considering the possibility of moving outside from the city.
First attempt (Milton and Waterbeach) was not so successful.
But this Sunday we have been to Fulborn, which is really a lovely one.
The main thing that impressed us is that wherever you go, sooner or later, you'll find an interesting sight that worth a visit.

This Sunday (completely by chances) we visited two middle age churches (XII and XIII century).

First picture: a view of Fulborn church.
Second one: little tourists.


Nadia said...

ecco....ho le lacrime! mannaggia...che immagine stupenda di queste due bimbe cosi' cresciute dall'ultima volta che le ho viste!

un saluto a tutta la famiglia!

Nadia :)

Silvia dalla Finlandia said...

Che bello, Agnese e Rachele che cammina! Spero troviate la casa magari proprio a Fulborn...che non so quanto dista da Cambridge, ma e' davvero molto carino. Le bimbe sono grandi! Salutoni a tutta la famiglia!