Sunday, June 25, 2006

25/6: Punting

Punting is quite popular in Cambridge.
We have been renting a "river-boat", named "punt", with some of my working colleagues and their families.
It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience: the stream goes in a such peacefully area, surrounded by several kinds of trees, ducks and swams.
We stopped for a relaxing pic-nic and later we went on the punt again, back to the beginning.
The leading of the punt is funny, but quite more challenging comparing to what it looks like.
After pushing your punt you have to correct the direction and I think that I've covered almost the double of the distance of my colleagues, since I was not able to go straight. However I didn't loose my pole and I didn't have to swim looking for it, as did one guy we met on the way.

Thanks to my colleagues to have organized this great excursion.

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