Sunday, June 18, 2006

15/6: One month at NemeriX

15/5: one month in NemeriX

Today is one month that I joined NemeriX.
It is probably a too short time for a balance, but I can say already that the work I am doing is really interesting.
Sometime it is a bit frustrating the fact that there is not anyone else knowing Symbian and therefore I feel "a bit alone" in my task.
But the other side of the medal is that I feel more satisfied for every single achievement. And I am learning a lot.
So I am overall very happy and satisfied.
The only negative side is that working time is really long. I am not complaining about the work itself, because time in the office just passes away.
But I am missing a lot of time that I am supposed to spend with my family... and this is hard.
Hopefully it will change in future.

Today is even a remarkable day for another reason: Anna Maria went out for the first time with a friend she got to know here in Cambridge (in a mother and toddlers club).
She says that every time she goes out in the park she knows some knew friend and this is a big change already.

In the picture, how I feel - sometime - at work.

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