Monday, October 10, 2011

28-29/8: Leicester

We spent a long week-end in Leicester, as an "end of summer vacation".

We had the chance of visit few attractions there.
First day we went to Conkers forest, a wood plenty of attractions for children.
They enjoyed most the "Enchanted forest", a play room with fairies... but also with spiders, creepy sounds and a troll!

In the picture (taken from Agnese) the train that would have taken us for a tour was coming.

We spent the evening in a very nice hotel with swimming pool.
The day after we went to the National Space Centre.
There were many interesting simulators to try and play with, in addition to other attractions.
A very enjoyable one was a particular 3d theatre: it consists of a 360 degrees planetarium style screen... it is like to be inside an half sphere and watch everything happening around you.

Obviously there were also satellites and a real rocket (in the picture).

Agnese (on the right) and Rachele (left) got caught under the rocket before it was leaving....

And finally Paolo landed on the Moon...

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