Monday, October 17, 2011

16/10: Natural History museum

On Sunday we paid a visit to the London Natural History museum.
Children found it very interesting and we did too.
The dinosaurs department was one of the most popular attractions, with T-Rex being the top hit.
The model was a real size one and it was moving so smoothly that it was very realistic.

Paolo was horrified and holding us very firmly wanted to go away from that room as soon as possible.
Rachele was much more diligent and she pretended everything was fine until when she was few meters close to the exit door: at that point she run away at full speed!
Agnese was fine and she took these pictures.

It was interesting to see dinosaurs eggs...
I wonder if anyone in history has every made a dinosaur-eggs omelette.

Agnese and Rachele standing in near a dinosaur skeleton... we did give up trying to get Paolo into a picture too...

They found very interesting the bird area too.

I saw a dodo, and I could picture very well these sailors being in sea for months and finding themselves in front of these big chicken like birds... no wonder they disappeared so rapidly.

The earth forces was quite good as well, including the earth quake simulation.

The girls found attractive also the geology area.

In particular (I do not wonder why), the precious stones section: a diamond is always a diamond for a woman... apparently even in the case where a woman is just 8... or 6...

Finally the big mammals area was amazing as well. In the back of the picture a big blue whale.

It was a very tiring day, but so nice and interesting!
Surely worthy!

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