Thursday, July 10, 2008

8/7: Paolo's first week

Paolo is already one week old.
The impact of his presence at home varied with time: at first Agnese and Rachele were over excited!
They have been waiting such a long time for him than when the morning of the 1st of July - few hours after he was born - I told them that mum was not at home because she was in the hospital with a baby, they started screaming of joy and celebrating.

Few days after he came at home the enthusiasm slowed down: tha baby is mostly sleeping or crying, so no much use of him for two sisters who are waiting to play...

Generally Agnese accepted him more naturally: she is looking for him, wants to hold him, gives him the dummy and she is very happy when she succeeds to make him stop crying.
Rachele was a bit more reclutant to have a contact with him: she didn't want to hold him and she didn't like at all the umbilical cord he has. She is _just a little bit_ jelouse.

Paolo himself is becoming quite good, but the first nights were terrible.
Now he still stays awake at least one hour in the indecent portion of the night (around 3). But it looks like he is improving... slowly actually, but he does.

Anyway, we are happy and celebrating, as the last picture shows.

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