Thursday, July 10, 2008

11/7: leaving NemeriX

Today my NemeriX experience comes to the end.

A bit more than two years have elapsed since I joined (16/5/2006) and doubtless it has been a great time and it was a very good experience. I've learned a lot of things and I had mostly a very nice time in the company.
I am sure I will miss very much my colleagues, who since first day made me feel at home and who helped us - as a family - to settle in UK.

For these and other reasons it was very difficult for me to resign. But sometime one has to be brave and make some steps towards the unknown...
They say that "you regret only things that you don't do" and that "changes bring good sleeps".

I leave NemeriX with gratitude and although I was in through difficult times, I am sure shortly in my mind there will be room only for nice memories.

I miss already my colleagues...


John said...

We will surely miss you too Michele.

Anonymous said...

e che farai? Non ci aggiorni?

belle le foto della mammina coi piccoli del post precedente!!