Friday, April 21, 2006

Nokia shares at remarkable price

Since I've been in Nokia (5 years) shares have never been rising their value so much at once!
This happened yesterday, and today was my last working day.
Just a coincidence?

Leaving NRC is actually strange.
My first working environment with a permanent position. I still remember the first day there: 26th of January 2001, I entered and from the 6th floor I looked downstairs... vertigo! :-)

I had moments of worries, disappointments and sadness.
But even a lot of satisfactions an happiness! And these are the ones I will always remember.

I feel I own very much to all the colleagues with whom I have been working this time.
And it is impossible I am going to forget them and what I shared with them.
This period is a great part of my personal history.

Let's why since I went out with Ronan, and I left to him badge, keys and everything else... I have realized that I left behind much more than that. And I was sincerely moved.

I feel very strange now... it is hard to admit that a great present has become a past.
To my colleagues: thanks a lot guys!


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