Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30/5 - 1/6: Lake District, South part

From 30th of May till 5th of June we had a family vacation.
As we did last year, we rented a camper van and travelled around.
Here are few sample pictures...

First stop in the Lake district was at the bottom of Windermere lake: Fell Foot Park.

AGNESE is Seven!
We celebrated Agnese's birthday in the camper van - as she wished for since long before...

Rachele had to help to prevent Paolo blowing to the candles...

Esthwaite Water was a fantastic and quite spot where to relax....

Here the girls were enjoying to do some art craft with flowers, while Paolo was testing their strength by breaking them.

Our van at High Cross passage.

A very 'steamy' steam engine train in Haverthwaite. We escaped a raining day by enjoying a tour with an older time train and visiting a beautiful aquarium. And yes, the train was remarkably similar to 'Thomas the engine'.

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