Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A dusty summer

As said before, this was the summer for the house extension.
It has been a nice experience in a way.

For example - while losing gradually the usage of the kitchen, I discovered how useful is to have a foldable garden table; not to mention how great is a camping gas burner that I used regularly to make coffee in the mornings.
(Yes, I could manage without food, but not without coffee. I'm a programmer after all, which means a machine that turns coffee into source code).

I also discovered how sad is to be alone in a barbeque: I wanted to cook and the only way was to light the fire of the barbeque... but that is supposed to be a social event!

But the most negative side was that for 7 weeks my family was away, in Italy.
I joined them for one week in August.
And just few days before I joined them, Paolo started to walk.
We spent one week at the sea side and it has been marvelous.

Then I came back... and I think I will remember this summer for one reason.
The picture may explain....

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