Tuesday, June 03, 2008

30/5: Agnese is 5!

30/5: Agnese's birthday!

Agnese turns five... and as written for Rachele, she has been growing a lot.
Few days ago she was chatting through Skype with me a work and I was amazed.
Of course there were errors in the sentences, but yet they were making sense.

We had a birthday party for Agnese & Rachele, with friends and school mate.
The main attraction was surely Emil the Magician (or the Juggler, as Agnese called him).

Our friend Emil came to visit us from Finland and since we remembered he mentioned he was an illusionist we asked him to prepare something for the kids... we submitted this request like 10 minutes before the party started, and he was simply amazing!
Maybe the show was more astonishing for parents than for kids, because at that age the kids really think: 'He has done a very funny magic! He is really magic!'.
At the same time all the adults were asking themselves: 'how did he....???? that's amazing!'.
A mother asked me how much did he cost us.... well you know, he came all the way from Finland! ;-)

The party went well and the weather hold the rain. We realized at the very end - with disappointment from Agnese - that we just forgot to play all the games we prepared beforehand for the possibility of an indoor party... it will be for next time.


mil said...

uaaaaaa Mil il giocoliere ringrazia!

Anonymous said...

Auguri ad Agnese e a Rachele !!
Quando nasce il terzo ? mi pare che ci dovremmo essere.....
in bocca al lupo !

Barbara, Linda e l'inquilina :-)