Tuesday, February 12, 2008

6,7,8/2: Lugano

I've been to Manno-Lugano, for three days for a business trip at NemeriX head quarter.
Previously I passed by Lugano ten years ago, and slept there one night.
I remembered it as a beautiful place, but not as such an astonishing be autiful place!

You reach it crossing valleys and looking at the Alps and suddenly you are driving beside Lake of Lugano.... that you eventually cross...
The landscape is as beautiful as it could be with mountains covered by snow at the tops, houses climbing on the hills, the clear water of the lake reflecting the sky.
In the office I felt continuously attracted by the mountains view, with the snow getting pinkish during sun set (yes, and my colleagues asking me to pay attention at the topics we were discussing inside the office :-).

Simply beautiful.
On Monday I was back at Cambridge office.... not a bed view neither: in one side of the building we have the rump-up exit from the A14 high way and in the other side a parking spot... all flat...

In the picture, someone well known for her love for the Alps.

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