Thursday, April 19, 2007

5/4: we got the key

The big day has finally come:
We got the key for our new house!

In the morning our solicitor called us saying that everything was fine and so we are now owning a new house!
In the afternoon I shown up to the agency and got the key (*)!
And we went all there!
The kids were excited as well and Agnese didn't want to leave it.
We have to make some minor works and decoration and then we can move in.
In the picture a Roman empire KEY.

(*) it is actually quite hilarious that having never seen the agent but just talked with her by phone and mainly by email, I shown up at the agency and said: "I'm Michele" and they give me the house key straight away. On the while when you buy any thing else on line, like 30 pounds worthy of computer memory, they ask you for a proof of identity and a bill to prove that you are resident where you declare to be....

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