Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ryanair: touching "the ground of the bottom"

We have been in Italy for Christmas holidays, as we always do.
We travel with Ryanair and this time there was an interesting new policy.
Ryanair doesn't number the sits. But so far families with kids were allowed to board first, so that they can sit together.
Instead, from a recent time on, you have to pay 2 GBP (or 3 euros) per person, per way if you want to board first.
That means 2x4x2=16 GBP for our family.
It is not a big deal, but why would I? Beside we didn't know about that since when we bought the tickets (last July) this silly policy was not in place.
I will never pay this (I think), I mean: if I cannot sit beside my daughters, they will bother someone else than me, not too bad after all :-) !
Or possibly they will cry for two ours, which is the flying time... but again they will bother someone else...
But it was on the way from Ancona to London that Ryanair gave their best picture: people who bought the right to board first, were led to the aircraft BY BUS; the rest of people (let's call them the "poor people") were WALKING there!
(Note: the distance from the terminal to the aircraft was about 100 or maybe 150 meters....).

The worst thing is that to "the worst" there is never an end...

In the picture: the new Ryanair sits: maybe less comfortable for passengers, but surely cheaper!

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