Thursday, November 30, 2006

17/11: Fun Run

As company we toke part at the Cambridge Fun Run, a sport event to rise money for children in needs.
Every team was composed by 4 runners, each one of whom had to run one mile and survive after that.
We had three teams called "Chilly Mountaineers", Blow 1, 2 and 3.

The story is curious: often on Friday we go at the pub to have a lunch together and since a long time ago, probably since the beginning, NemeriX employees used to order "Chilly mountain", which is a blow of potatoes, beans, meat, cheese and a lot of Chilly paper.
Once the pub renewed the menu and the Chilly Mountain was cut off.
NemeriX employees stopped to go there and they officially complained, until the Chilly Mountain was back in the menu at the price that NemeriX employees asked to be!

After the run we went at the pub and looking at the shirts the host was not believing that...
so they wanted to take a picture of us... and here it is.

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